Meeting Rooms

Technologically Equipped Meeting Rooms and Conferences

Shuraa Business Center offers fully equipped meeting rooms and conferences ideal for day-to-day business meetups, client meetings and interviews. You can easily book our meeting rooms in Dubai by contacting the reception or admin staff of the respective offices across the city or call us on
+971 45236200 .

Spacious & Furnished

All our business centres in Dubai have meeting rooms and conferences that are well-appointed and fully furnished.

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HDTV / Display panel

Display panels, projector & HDTV are installed at Shuraa’s conferences. We provide state-of-the-art facilities to make business meetings productive and prolific.

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Customized Rooms

We have customized meeting rooms at Shuraa Business Centers. Be it interviews, board meetings or a casual discussion between employees – our conferences can suit your needs.

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Integrated Devices

Various screening devices are integrated within the meeting rooms of the Shuraa Business Center in Dubai. We also provide devices such as telephones, internet cables, laptop chargers & wireless connections.

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Advanced Technology

All our infrastructural fittings and IT supplies are the most advanced technology & prime quality. At Shuraa, we aim to offer you with the best!

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WiFi Connectivity

We offer fast-speed LAN cable internet and Wi-Fi connectivity through the multiple meeting rooms at Shuraa Business Centers.

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